Transparent sequential shutters and lateral curtains

The safest method of docking an airplane

We have been developing, manufacturing and installing roller shutters solutions since 2002. Our sequential opening shutters, which were developed in cooperation with the technical department of Aeroport de Paris (ADP) are Veritas approved and have already been installed in more than 1000 airport bridges. Our shutters meet the European Standard NEN-EN 12312-14: 2014.

  • Comfort and safety for the operator
  • Protection against bad weather and noise
  • Perfect visibility during entering

Sequential shutters

The shutter consists of two parts connected with firm straps, and opens in two stages. Initially, when the operator opens the upper section of the curtain, the lower section remains in place. During movement of the bridge towards the plane, this lower section of the curtain functions as a safety barrier. When the bridge is close enough to the plane, the lower section can easily be opened and passengers can pass through.

The shutter is equipped with safety devices that prevent any entrapment of feet, hands or fingers when the shutter is opened and closed. The shutters are mainly constructed from aluminium and polycarbonate. For the hinges we use high quality extruded and anodized aluminium. The transparent windows are made of polycarbonate with special additives which protect against chemical solutions and feature a UV stabilizer.

Lateral curtains

Comfort and safety by full transparency

A common problem with other passenger boarding bridges is the poor view the operator has when the bridge is driven towards or away from the airplane. Not only at the front, but also at the two sides of the bridge. The lateral curtain has been designed both as a safety device and an attractive design feature. We design them fully transparent or partial with aluminum slats. It fits perfectly to the two sides of the boarding bridge and hinges with the construction.

The operator has an optimal visibility of more than 180º. We use the same materials here as for our sequential shutters therefore the design of the two products match perfectly when used in one bridge.

Other products

We have more airport products:

Sunprotection Control Towers

Glare control in Air Traffic Control Towers is very important. Our special blinds are specified for this use and combine a perfect sight to outside with glare control in the Control Tower.

Folding Pack

The Folding Pack system is a manually operated modular system suitable for any structure and architecture. The system is attractive, curved and elegant, robust, easy manual operation and space-saving when folded. The Folding Pack system is ideal for securing shopping or catering facilities within locations such as shopping centers, airports, train stations or warehouses.

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